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Weathering the Storm

WRITTEN BY // Leah Brousse CATEGORIES // The Inverdoorn Diaries

17 - 23 February

Weathering the Storm

This week started with a huge storm. In an hour we had half of our annual rain. As luck would have it, Annami and I were in the reserve tracking the cheetahs when it all started. First there were a few raindrops, which made us very happy since we had been praying for rain after a heat wave, but then it started to get hectic - so hectic that we had to hide in a shed for over an hour while we heard the thunder and lightning passing right above us. But every day here brings a new adventure. After the beautiful rain came the work. The storm had done quite a bit of damage and the whole Inverdoorn team had to clean up the mess. Luckily all the animals were fine and Iziba actually looked very happy playing in the rain.

As we have already told you, a new mousebird joined our family last week. He is doing well and has become a part of our little family. Today one of our staff members saw Sniper, our old mousebird. We are so happy to know that he is still alive and happy.

But now let’s talk about the cheetahs, because things are heating up at the breeding facility. Eve is in heat and Banzi is in love. He is running after her the whole day trying his luck, but Eve is playing hard to get. We hope that they will mate and that soon we will have a beautiful litter of Eve and Banzi babies.

At the end of last week Iziba and Velvet had their first successful hunt. We went to the dam for a nice afternoon walk when all of a sudden both of them started running after a duiker. Iziba caught the duiker and Velvet joined her, but it was a play hunt. He probably got quite a fright, but walked away without being harmed. I am very proud of little Iziba, and of course Velvet too.

Our wild male in the reserve has also been very successful this week. He caught a lechwe and a duiker. The female has been lazy this week, because she is still recovering from a wound she got from a lechwe hunt.

So that’s that. Next week our French volunteer Jenny will be reporting about our adventures with the cheetahs. Have a wonderful week!

About the author

Leah Brousse

Leah Brousse

Leah Brousse is the main cheetah handler at at the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation at Inverdoorn Game Reserve and Iziba Safari Lodge. She was born in France, grew up in Germany and now calls South Africa home where she is making her dream of working with cheetahs come true.

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