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Quality Time

WRITTEN BY // Kirstine Dewar CATEGORIES // The Inverdoorn Diaries

19 - 25 May

Quality Time

It has been a topsy turvy few days here at Inverdoorn! Both the lodge and the cheetah girls have been putting in hard work and sweat digging, building and cementing for a new pool at the lodge. In the next couple of weeks we hope to move on to Iziba and Velvet's camps to upgrade them and make them even nicer for the girls.

Tracking-wise, the male has been very busy this week. He caught at least one lechwe and had a nice few meals from that; and we think he caught something else over the weekend, although we have not been able to find the kill. We saw him take a nice morning stroll today, and he was looking very plump and happy!

The female is still recovering from her injuries and has not managed to make any kills yet, but she is walking much better and doing very well. Hopefully, she will continue to keep up her strength and soon be back in the game.

For me personally, this has been a very exciting week for one reason in particular. Inverdoorn was lucky to welcome English actor Anthony Stewart Head as a guest, and I was especially lucky to take him on a personal cheetah interaction! I am a massive fan, and was a bit nervous, but he was absolutely lovely, very friendly and talkative, and obviously passionate about animal welfare and conservation. He fell in love with Velvet (who wouldn't?!) and hopefully had a very wonderful experience.

As the cold weather sets in, we will be having fewer and fewer guests at Inverdoorn. This is quite nice for us cheetah girls, because it means we have more time to finish big projects, and of course, spend time with the ones that matter the most: our amazing cheetahs!

About the author

Kirstine Dewar

Kirstine Dewar is a cheetah handler at Cape Cheetah. She is completing her BSc (Hons) in International Wildlife Biology at the University of Glamorgan. She has conducted field work and research in Borneo and Malawi. She enjoys scuba diving and playing the clarinet.

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