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Cheetah Report – Leah Brousse

WRITTEN BY // Alex Isaacs Leah Brousse CATEGORIES // The Inverdoorn Diaries | Capecheetah-blog

Cheetah Report – Leah Brousse

Inverdoorn – This week's Cheetah report describes sunny days with these majestic African animals away from the safari with the big 5.


There's a playtime, an unexpected visitor and a crazy encounter with the full grown cats.


After which this experienced cheetah expert looks forward to doing the same thing with the cubs in the midst of the ever-so-busy summer booking season when they are bigger.


Read all about it here:


"Another week over, another week warmer! The sun has definitely started making more of an appearance here at Inverdoorn, which is good news for those with legs as pale as mine!

The lovely weather has brought more guests eager to enjoy an amazing safari, and to learn about our gorgeous cheetahs. From now, it will probably get more and more busy at the lodge, so everyone will soon be put through their paces!


The sunshine has brought with it a few lovely days spent with Velvet and Iziba. They had a bit of a crazy encounter earlier in the week when we took them to the playground, a nice fenced area where we can let them off their leads. The fence borders that of the main reserve, and as the two cats started running and playing, they realised they had a visitor!


The wild female cheetah was actually right next to the fence on the other side! There was initial concern, as the girls may have all started fighting, and caused each other injury, but luckily there just seemed to be some curious sniffing before everyone wandered their own way.


We also had a particularly fun trip to the big dam with the cheetahs. It was a day with perfect conditions- warm but not too hot, so everyone had a nice walk (and sometimes a bit of a run!) around for a few hours. As cheetah girls, we definitely all get a good work out! It is going to be truly amazing when our 3 cubs are old enough to bring there, I'm sure they are going to love it as much as we do.


As Inverdoorn sees an increase in temperature and number of visitors over the next few weeks, life is going to get extremely hectic for everyone that lives and works here. But with the chance to make lots of people and animals very happy, it is something that we will all enjoy, especially if we get a nice tan along the way!"


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