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A Wild Week

WRITTEN BY // Leah Brousse CATEGORIES // The Inverdoorn Diaries

28 April - 4 May

A Wild Week

This week started with an exciting visit to the dam with Velvet and Iziba. While we were sitting underneath a tree after our walk, the cheetahs spotted a duiker and started hunting it. They never actually got it and the confusion about the duiker disappearing in the bushes was big. Even though Iziba and Velvet didn't catch the duiker it's always exciting to see how, even though they are tame, they are still so wild and their instincts incredible.

On Tuesday, Hannah and I went tracking and were lucky enough to see two giraffes busy with their foreplay. I had never seen it before and to be honest it looked really stiff and unromantic but hopefully soon we will have a new giraffe baby.

On Friday, Ezrick (our newest ranger) and I were out in the reserve preparing the aperitif for the guests when we saw the female cheetah chase a springbok twice. The first hunt was a little bit further away and we thought she had given up when all of a sudden the springbok and cheetah jumped out of a bush right in front of us and started running towards us. It was amazing and I have never seen the waitresses run so fast.

Unfortunately the female saw us and got distracted for a second; luckily for the springbok, who used his chance and got away. The female then decided to stick around and spend time with us and the guests, who highly enjoyed her company.

On Sunday morning Christo and I saw the female hunt an impala, but again no luck. It was amazing to see how close she got to him without him realising. At the end she was just five metres away from him. On Sunday she finally got lucky and caught a springbok.

This week we also caught one of the hippos with our bush-cam. Some of our guests were also lucky enough to meet our newest family member. Lucy, a meerkat, joined our family about three weeks ago and was brought in because she was found with a grasshopper stuck in her throat. We are now preparing her so that one day she can be released, if everything goes well. She is gorgeous and an awesome addition to the family though Mickey (our mousebird) isn't too fond of her, but otherwise he is doing great.

About the author

Leah Brousse

Leah Brousse

Leah Brousse is the main cheetah handler at at the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation at Inverdoorn Game Reserve and Iziba Safari Lodge. She was born in France, grew up in Germany and now calls South Africa home where she is making her dream of working with cheetahs come true.

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