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Meet the Team – Lauren Leonard

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Meet the Team – Lauren Leonard
Inverdoorn – In the past, when meeting a staff member the game reserve has done a question and answer session to get to know them better. But, this time, I thought ‘ let’s try something new’ because, of course, one of the best ways to get to know someone working here (specially) is to hear about their experiences and more while on safari in Cape Town for the first time.  So without any more preamble here is what Lauren Leonard, the new marketing co-ordinator at Inverdoorn experienced on her first game drive at Inverdoorn in her own words:
“Let me start of by saying that, if you are looking for an adventure, a trip similar to the feeling of a roller coaster at an amusement park, the there’s no better place to go to than on a safari trip.Wow!
The giant male lion strolling past us was only one of many incredible animal experiences I encountered at Inverdoorn Game reserve. 
Now I understand why a Cape Town safari trip in Africa is on many peoples bucket list. The wildlife and nature itself is nothing short of astounding. 
Spending a night at the safari game reserve was amazing. I easily saw more wildlife than, I have ever seen in my life. Everywhere you looked there was something new to see and discover. 
My jaw was literally in a perpetual state of being dropped.
Our tour guide at Inverdoorn was amazing; they are the most professional and well trained guides I have ever met. They literally have an answer to every question that we asked. She patiently explained interesting behaviours and facts about the wildlife we discovered throughout our journey. I have learned so much by them than I have ever would on my own. 
It's amazing their ability to spot and track wild animals was ridiculous. Sometimes they point out animals the rest of us wouldn't see until we were right on top of them.
The next day, before we left, we went on a morning safari trip, whereby you have to wake up early so that you can catch the sunrise, which was amazingly breath-taking. 
As the group sat in the vehicle designed to get a 360-degree view of the wildness around us, we drove along a dirt track and throughout the South African landscape of Inverdoorn. It was so funny seeing animals acting funny, even birds warning each other of danger. 
It was so incredible getting so close to wildlife, and surprisingly most if the African animals were not afraid of the safari vehicle, I guess they simply saw it as another creature. But just because they are not afraid of us, didn't mean that we could do whatever we wanted to, there were rules. To ensure that we come out unharmed this made the safari trip so interesting. 
The whole safari experience at Inverdoorn was very impressive, I knew it was going to be good but I didn't realize the extent of how good it was going to be. I wish I have had stayed longer to simply watch them because not every day they do the same things. Maybe the morning, you will watch them eat and the afternoon, you get to see them hunt, sleep or simply play around. 
Sure I can now say that my first safari experience was great and tick it off my bucket list but I wouldn't want to, because there is so much I would to know about them, so many questions to ask. Therefore a next time is on my agenda.
Safari experiences is one I truly recommend to everyone, it should be shared by all ages and walks of life as it opens people’s eyes to a remarkable world, that we not only live in but share with these creatures. So what I would say is, the reason why people should go to safaris is to see the big five, the landscapes are amazing sand, the people are so interesting, hearing about stories of personal encounters with wildlife which makes fascinating listening and let's not forget the luxury of comfort in an African setting. Wow!When I left, my thoughts were I surely need to take my parents one a safari trip. This is one Trip I want them to experience after my father underwent an operation for cancer, and still recovering so wonderfully. I know he would love this experience and there is no better way to thank god for life than appreciating nature and wildlife, which God has created. “
For more insight from the lodge from the people who work there follow Inverdoorn on Twitter and Instagram or give us a Facebook ‘Like’. 

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