Walk With Giraffes

Walking with giraffes on the plains of the Klein Karoo – Kuganha guest Options

As Kuganhat guest, one of the wonderful private safari options would be to walk with the giraffes. However, these options are subject to conditions. To ensure the safety of all guest and rangers. Seek adventure within the Klein Karoo, early-morning safaris start just before sunrise and are the reason why our Kuganha guest choose this safari option. The animals are just waking up, the rising sun casts a golden light over everything and the bush is alive with the sound of birds waking. On your game drive you might encounter young buffalo calves enjoying their first morning feed or the female rhino and her calf taking their first drink of the morning. When you take the trip to the lions’ reserve, you might find them feasting on a fresh carcass. Further on you might encounter the hippo wallowing leisurely in their dam or, just around the corner, you could encounter a group of beautiful impala plucking juicy leaves from an overhanging tree.

Live this unique experience


Around yet another corner you might come across what must be one of the most special encounters at Inverdoorn. Our strong and growing herd of adult and baby giraffes are a group of gentle giants. Under the supervision of the rangers, and if the conditions are suitable (such as no rhino or buck in the vicinity) you may be allowed to step out of the safari vehicle and walk amongst them.

Giraffes are strangely beautiful and graceful creatures. With their elongated necks they have a decided advantage over other wildlife in the reserve, with the exception of the elephants, of course. The elder male and patriarch of the herd is the largest of the group and easily distinguishable from the rest by his darker markings; while females are noted by the calves that stay close to their sides. In the wild the giraffe is not without natural enemies, but here at Inverdoorn they are allowed to thrive and are free from harm.

As you step out the vehicle and walk towards the herd they could peacefully pass within inches of where you are standing before gently sauntering off into the distance, the memory lasting forever in your mind.