Private Safari
Designed to fulfill your safari expectations 

Choosing a private safari, you will combine comfort with mother nature. Private safaris include your own guide and safari vehicle, allowing you to escape into the wilderness, privately giving you the enjoyment of relaxing  in tranquility within the karoo.

Private safaris allows you to have the ultimate safari experience, making all your wildlife dreams come true.

Why Choose Private Safaris

Choosing to go on a private safari will get you an private safari guide that will get to know exactly what your safari interests are.

The safaris are tailored to meet your interests and desires within the Karoo. The private vehicles are there to take you wherever you choose to go on your safari trip.

On private safaris you are on your own, in peace and away from any disturbances. You will be able to relax and enjoy the silence of nature, without any other guest or vehicles around you.

With so many fantastic value packed into an private safari at Inverdoorn, you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Exclusive Private Safari Experience

Enjoy a exclusive safari vehicle for you and your partner or family.

Private safaris include 5 star luxury accommodation, private safaris and a personal cheetah interaction.

Cache - private safari

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