Overnight Safaris
Luxury overnight safari experiences. 2.5 hours from Cape Town!

Seeing the warmth rise off a herd of buffalo, silhouetted in the glow of a bright Karoo sunrise, or a stealthy cheetah enjoying an early-evening run, is but a small part of the excellent value you can expect from an overnight stay at Inverdoorn Game Reserve and Iziba Safari Lodge.

Guests can can opt for Inverdoorn Game Reserves newest accommodation called Kuganha tented camp, offering tailor made safari experiences within the pristine wilderness.

Two Big 5 safaris, luxurious accommodation, wholesome food and outstanding service are guaranteed with an Inverdoorn overnight safari.

Ultimate Luxury

Five-star opulence within the Klein Karoo.


★★★★★ Chalets

Perfect for a romantic safari getaway.


★★★★ Chalets

Comfortable and convenient safari accommodation.


Lodge Room

Perfect for family or group safari getaways.


Kuganha, the ★★★★★ tented Camp

Kuganha tented camp is Inverdoorn latest accommodation, offering guests an authentic outdoor luxury experience.


Sunset and sunrise safaris


The late afternoon safari gets underway just as the sun starts sinking into the horizon and everything is bathed in warm light and the sky painted an array of colour. As your safari begins you may find yourself surprised by a herd of Red Lechwe foraging near the water’s edge before the trail dips down towards the lion’s reserve.

Looking for lions is the most popular part of any Big 5 safari, and our beautiful male and two females do not disappoint. The ranger will locate them and park at a safe distance from where you can observe them.

Along the way the other members of the Big 5 – the elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard could be encountered as well as a multitude of other game such as zebra, oryx, wildebeest, eland and springbok. The late afternoon safari will conclude at the cheetah sanctuary where you will enjoy light refreshments and snacks while watching the cheetahs be put through their paces at the sunset training runs. The cheetah rescue and rehabilitation programme is the heart and soul of Inverdoorn. To date, 14 cheetahs have been rescued, two of which are tame. Two of the wild cheetahs have been released into the main part of the reserve, raising the cheetah experience at Inverdoorn to an unmatched level in the region.

As the sun sets on a perfect safari spent in the company of the Big 5 and  the cheetah, you will return to the lodge to freshen up for dinner.


Waking up before dawn on a cold Karoo morning is easy when embarking on an exciting Big 5 safari. Warm yourself alongside the boma fire while you wait with other guests for the safari to begin. Remember to bring along a warm layer of clothing as early mornings in an open safari vehicle can be chilly. The rangers will supply you with a blanket should you need it.

The safari gets underway as the first rays of the sun peep over the distant horizon. Entering the reserve with the sun at your back you can relax into your seat and look forward to seeing the reserve’s abundant wildlife.

A myriad of game dots the vast expanse of the Karoo plains.Your first sighting could be a herd of zebra or the female rhino with her calf enjoying the first drink of the day. The buffalo herd with the impressive dominant male is also a popular sighting on safari. Next you’ll be on your way to the dam to look for the hippos that wallow in its waters. Viewed from a lofty vantage point it is fascinating to watch these hefty creatures leave their aquatic home to enjoy the rich feed provided for them.

You could spot a herd of giraffe browsing amongst the trees for juicy leaves. If the conditions are right, a unique opportunity to walk with the giraffes might present itself. You will be mesmerised as the large herd passes within metres of where you are standing, before striding  off into the wide, open expanse of the reserve.

Your safari experience will be capped by a hearty breakfast back at the lodge, but not before you drive back in the safari vehicle and head off in search of more game on the return drive.

With so much fantastic value packed into an overnight stay at Inverdoorn, you would not want to miss out!

Enjoy a overnight Big Five Safari Experience

The best overnight safari adventure near Cape Town

Explore the Big Five and enjoy a Overnight stay within the karoo and experience wildlife in their natural habitats.