Bringing you big 5 Safaris

Inverdoorn Game Reserve and Iziba Safari Lodge is a premier safari destination situated in the Ceres Karoo, just two and a half hours outside of Cape Town. This sprawling reserve and Inverdoorn’s 10 000 hectares are home to an abundance of wildlife. Free-roaming animals include giraffes, hippos, zebras and the Big 5. The game reserve also manages a cheetah rescue and rehabilitation centre, which has successfully released two cheetahs to roam free in the main part of the reserve.

There is much on offer for the discerning traveller arriving at Inverdoorn. In addition to the plethora of animals and unique introduction to the cheetah, the reserve is a gateway to the unique floral wealth of the Karoo. Exciting game drives combined with luxurious accommodation options and first-class facilities make Inverdoorn a safari destination of choice.

Discover the Big Five


All members of the Big 5 – the elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo and the elusive leopard – are represented at Inverdoorn. The game is thriving and during your safari you may come across herds of eland, gemsbok and zebra, or hippos wallowing in the dam. The rhinos, with their horns intact, are a distinct highlight at Inverdoorn, combined with the magic of walking with giraffes and watching the cheetah run.


The cheetah is the fastest living land animal and one of the most vulnerable big cats in Africa. Cape Cheetah’s rescue and rehabilitation program is pioneering the fight to save the cheetah and is home to 14 cheetahs, many of which have been rescued from horrific circumstances. Safaris introduce guests to this amazing big cat, while rangers inform thems of the cheetah’s plight and centre’s aims. There is even the remarkable opportunity to meet or track a cheetah.


The Karoo holds a profusion of life, encircled by vast mountain ranges. This diverse valley has supported many forms of farming for hundreds of years, from vineyards that produce award-winning wine to quality, exported meat and fruit. The Karoo is also a treasure trove of succulent plant life consisting of interesting forms and shapes, and in spring the plains burst with colour as flowers come into bloom.
The excellent location, bountiful wildlife and exclusive encounters with wildlife promise that your visit to Inverdoorn Game Reserve will be a rewarding experience.

*Cheetah interactions are subject to the right weather conditions and booking. If you’re travelling to the game reserve with children under the age of 16, for their safety, they will not be able join you when interacting with the cheetah. Babysitting services are available if required.