Meet the team

A team dedicated to wildlife conservation

It’s a great pleasure to introduce you to the heart and soul of Inverdoorn Game Reserve. Staffed by some of the most dedicated and talented professionals within the industry. Ensuring your wildlife safari experience is as memorable as possible.

The staff members come from all over the world as well as locally. Each member is equally important, there are some staff members, guest will meet during their stay and others that keep the reserve running, without being seen.

The team extends all the way to city centre, Cape Town. Where Inverdoorn Game Reserves head office is based, there you will meet the reservation and marketing team.

The Western Cape Cheetah Conservation, runs a volunteer programme, where passionate and professional members actively protect the future of endangered animals. Guest are likely to meet students from across the globe who are completing an internship at the reserve and eager to share their knowledge and experience with guests.

Read more about the passionate and dedicated teams from various sectors that makes Inverdoorn the greatest wildlife sanctuary, 2.5 hours away from Cape Town.

Meet Inverdoorn Team

Meet the team dedicating their lives towards wildlife conservation and providing guest with the best wildlife safari experiences.

The Lodge Team

The team on the reserve comes from all walks of life. These are the people working day and night to make sure guest and wildlife are safe and comfortable within the 10 000-hectare reserve. Each one of them plays a special role in making Inverdoorn a great success. The lodge team consist of a group of hardworking and friendly individuals who dedicates their time and lives to wildlife conservation.

Meet the dedicated and friendly team, who dedicated their lives to safari wildlife experiences within the Klein Karoo.

Runath Jacobs

Lodge manager

Francisco Chaula

Head Chef

Adam Reynerds


Beaugrand Massamba

Lodge Stock Controller

Brunette Longomo


Rudia Achmat

Office Assistant & Head Cashier

Sophia Chaula

Assistant Lodge Manager

Vincent Hunda

Head Barman

The Kuganha Team
Duan Steyn

Reserve manager

Mariske Victor

Camp head Ranger

Mishek Mbaura

Elephant carer

Natasha Prudence Hodzongi

Kuganha supervisor

The team at Kuganha is fairly small, giving guest a more private and exclusive safari adventure.  The team will comprise of four members, supplying guest with the best services and wildlife experiences within the Klein Karoo.

At Kuganha, the team will be entertaining guest, making sure that all their wildlife needs are met and ensuring a safe environment for guest to enjoy.

Rangers & Rhinoprotect Team

The team and rangers of Rhinoprotect is working hard to fight the battle against rhino poaching. They believe that every cause needs people to believe in it, to be able to further its aim. Rhinoprotect works tirelessly to protect and give hope to the rhino specie across the world. Founder, Damien Vergnaud and his team are constantly looking for new ways to protect the rhinos from poaching. Protecting one rhino, one horn at a time.

Seonaid Moss

Head Ranger

Eugene Burger

Game Ranger

Gert Bobbejee

Reserve Manager

Mandla Ndlovu

Rhino patrol

Moses Mathekete

Rhino patrol

The Capecheetah Team
Kayla Ramsden

Cheetah Site Head

Chantelle De Bruin


The team at Cape cheetah all share the same passion for the cheetahs and conservation. They passionately work together to raise awareness about the plight of these majestic big cats, while committing themselves and their time to breeding and rehabilitating these species to ultimately release them into the wild. The cheetah handlers will share stories with guest and educate them about the threats they are facing and ways to help these species.

The Cape Town Office Team

The reservations team goal is to  provide professional and multi skilled services to our guests, ensuring that their stay will become a memorable experience. The marketing team creates an environment for  Inverdoorn Game reserve to flourish. It’s a broad field that includes areas of research, strategy and communication. Ultimately the marketing team helps create value for guest and build customer relationships.

The booking team
Marianne Stoch

Office Manager

Althea Appollis

Human Ressources & Finance Clerk

Lillian Masina

Reservations Consultant

The marketing team
Martial Viot

Online Marketing Manager