Safari Game Reserve Activities
An Abundance of Activities within the Klein Karoo

Are you seeking an adventurous wildlife experience or a relaxing getaway within the Klein Karoo. Visit Inverdoorn today and experience one of the best wildlife adventures ever!

The still plains of the Karoo evoke a sense of calm and serenity in visitors to the luxury lodge and cheetah sanctuary. From the luxurious accommodation options to thrilling game drives to hours by the pool soaking up the sun, relaxation is guaranteed. Together with the game drives, there is plenty to fill your day.

When on safari, game viewing will give you new insights into wildlife at Inverdoorn and the appreciation for natural life on the reserve, giving guest and unforgettable safari experience.

The Conservation initiatives at Inverdoorn ensures that wildlife thrives within their natural habitats. The reserve strives to promote awareness of the endangered species, therefore has successfully pioneered the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation and Rhinoprotect initiative.

Enhance your safari experience today!

Why Choose Inverdoorn?


The reserve has the capacity to accommodate between 40 and 45 guests, catering for up to 120.  Inverdoorn is the perfect luxury lodge and wildlife sanctuary for special events and functions. Brimming with safari and cheetah action to thrill guests, colleagues or clients, Inverdoorn can design a package tailored to your specific needs.


Clean air and starry nights are the trademark of the Klein Karoo region. Relax and Enjoy the bright and breathtaking starry sky. Bring along your telescope or HD camera and see how many shooting stars you catch or watch peacefully as the milkyway performs its nightly show.

For maximum comfort, relaxation and leisure visit Inverdoorn Game Reserve!


Combine business with the adventure of a safari getaway. Sometimes a change of scenery is as good as a holiday; so if you need to thrash out company strategy, a luxury safari destination will get the creative juices flowing. Good food, comfortable accommodation and safari adventure will ensure a profitable outcome.

If there’s a special occasion you would like to celebrate in signature safari style, Inverdoorn’s luxury lodge and cheetah sanctuary will make it happen.


Tie the knot in luxury safari style. Inverdoorn’s luxury lodge, Ambassador suit or Kuganha tented camp is the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. With superb catering and intimate accommodation, guests will be delighted with the safaris, the unique opportunity to interact with the reserves tame cheetahs and to soak up the African sun as they lounge beside the pool.

Discover safari adventure and activities

Experienced guides and staff members are at hand for all activities and events

A truly unique and educational experience at Inverdoorn Game Reserve. Focusing on promoting the conservation of different species.