Best Luxury Safari, 2.5 hours from Cape Town

All year round, Big Five safari experiences!

When guest choose to embark on safaris within the Klein Karoo, they will definitely be amazed at the diversity of wildlife and birdlife found within this region. Inverdoorn Game reserve and Iziba Safari Lodge is 2.5 hours from Cape Town. The 10 000-hectare reserve is the number one safari destination within the region.

The reserve is rich in an abundant of wildlife including the Big Five. At Inverdoorn, nature has united to create the perfect paradise for all wildlife and natural life to thrive.

Inverdoorn has grown from strength to strength, reintroducing various species to their natural habitat, including animals such as the rare Cape Barbary Lion, rhino, buffalo, elephant, zebra, hippo, giraffe and even Africa’s most endangered big cat, the cheetah.

Excellent Big Five game viewing, with spectacular sightings of the elusive cheetah and the endangerd rhinos. Experience the thrill of and exciting wildlife encounter with Inverdoorn resident tamed cheetahs or watching the fastest land animal perform its daily cheetah runs.

The services and the luxury game drives, combined with the wonders of the wild, will ensure all guest a memorable, breathtaking wildlife safari and immersing its guests in the untamed landscape of a pure luxury safari experience.



Largest Big Five Game Reserve In Western Cape

Inverdoorn Game Reserve & Iziba Safari Lodge is proud to have the famous animals that make up the Big Five. The term Big 5 originally referred to the five most difficult species to hunt and, consequently, the most killed by trophy hunters. The Big 5 animals, now considered as part of the South African culture, are the rhino, the lion, the buffalo, the elephant and the leopard and now form part of Inverdoorn Game Reserve’s pride and joy.


Several years ago, driven by a passion for this incredible animal, Inverdoorn Game Reserve & Iziba Safari lodge started a cheetah breeding and rehabilitation programme and cheetah conservation initiative, the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation (WCCC). Fourteen cheetah call the reserve home, including a young cheetah rescued at the age of three months and named Iziba.

Today, the game reserve is one of the most successful cheetah rehabilitation centres in South Africa, with personalised rehabilitation exercises. Guests are invited to some of these exercises, such as the impressive daily running exercises where cheetahs can reach speeds of up 120km per hour.


Recently a new conservation movement, RhinoProtect, was formed to create awareness about the issues surrounding rhino protection and conservation. At Inverdoorn guests are driven to the rhinos during the game drives and can admire this mysterious and strong but sadly endangered animal.


Inverdoorn Game Reserve & Iziba Safari Lodge is located in an officially declared Malaria-free area.


Sourcing only the finest local ingredients from Cape Town and greater South Africa, Inverdoorn Game Reserve & Iziba Safari Lodge presents a delectable fusion of French and South African cuisine.


While the game drives will fill most of your day, many other activities will make your day a perfect one.


Inverdoorn Game Reserve & Iziba Safari Lodge want the guests to have the best safari experience and are happy to host special events. In a unique atmosphere and with excellent catering, events taking place at Inverdoorn Game Reserve & Iziba Safari Lodge make all the difference with everlasting memories.


The Chic Curios shop offers a stunning range of authentic African goods. If you have forgotten a travelling necessity, the shop stocks various provisions for your convenience.