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Inverdoorn Game Reserve

Inverdoorn Game Reserve


While the Klein Karoo is a panorama of solitude and tranquillity, it is nevertheless teeming with life of every kind. Inverdoorn Game Reserve and Iziba Safari Lodge has made a significant contribution to sustaining the biodiversity of the Karoo. Boasting a plethora of free-roaming wildlife, including the Big 5, the sprawling 10 000 hectares of the reserve is also home to a successful cheetah rescue and rehabilitation centre.


In 2012 Inverdoorn became a luxury Big 5 safari destination, after the introduction of elephants onto the reserve, accompanying the lion, rhino, African buffalo and the elusive leopard. Cape Cheetah, the rescue and rehabilitation centre for this incredible big cat, was founded in 2001 and is home to 14 cheetahs. Together with a profusion of wildlife which includes zebras, hippos, giraffes, wildebeest and springbok, guests are sure to have an unforgettable safari experience.

For overnight guests Inverdoorn offers a variety of luxury accommodation options. These range from the charming Guest Houses for families and big groups to the Chalets, Luxury Chalets and the exclusive Ambassador Suite. Nestled between the immaculate Succulent Garden and the great expanse of the Karoo, Iziba Safari Lodge provides comfort and respite. Situated just two and a half hours from Cape Town, the drive to Inverdoorn will take you over stunning mountain passes and through famed vineyards of the Western Cape.

Finding the Big 5

The Karoo once teemed with members of the Big 5, as well as various other wild animals, but were virtually wiped out due to settlement, agriculture and war. Private game reserves such as Inverdoorn play a significant ecological role in South Africa by re-introducing endemic species to the region. The lions and elephants seen on safari and the calves residing in the rhino orphanage are all Big 5 members that have been rescued by the team at Inverdoorn.

Cheetah Rescue and Rehabilitation

Another animal that Inverdoorn has sought to rescue and return to the area is the cheetah. With less than 10 000 cheetahs left in the wild, conservation initiatives such as Cape Cheetah pioneer the way forward for their survival. At the safari lodge there are two tame cheetahs, Iziba and Velvet, that guests can meet during cheetah interactions. For those booking five-star accommodation options, the interactions are automatically included. There is also the opportunity to go cheetah tracking with the handlers, see the wild ones during a safari and watch cheetah runs after sunset safaris. The privilege of seeing a cheetah reach speeds of up to 120km/h will be unlike anything you have experienced before.

Iziba Safari Lodge

Iziba Safari Lodge caters for all tastes and budgets. Guests, particularly families and those travelling in large groups, can opt for the Guest Houses. The rest of the lodge is comprised of seven, four-star Chalets; four, five-star Luxury Chalets and one five-star Ambassador Suite. You can make yourself comfortable relaxing in the Succulent Garden or the lounge area, while hot days are spent in the swimming pool, staving off the sweltering Karoo sun. Additionally, the safari lodge has two bars and two bomas – perfect for nights under the stars reminiscing about your safari highlights, or huddled around a blazing fire during cold winter nights.

On the Road

Only two and a half hours outside of Cape Town, one of South Africa's biggest and busiest cities, the trip to Inverdoorn is an easy one packed with interesting sightseeing opportunities. En route to the lodge guests can stop at one of several wine farms to sample some of the region's best wine; stock up on cheese and olives and enjoy local food at one of the many farm stalls along the way. For those not wishing to self-drive, the Cape Town office can arrange transfers to and from the city.

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1 200 Reasons

More than 1 200 animals roam free over the vast plains of the Ceres Karoo at Inverdoorn Game Reserve. Comprised of 28 different species guests will encounter various animals – from hippo, giraffe and impala to springbok, wildebeest and bat-eared foxes. In addition, more than 80 species of birds soar through the skies.

The Cheetah and the Big 5

The cheetah has a special place in the hearts of all those who work at the game reserve. These magnificent big cats can be seen on safari; being taken through routine runs reaching speeds of up to 120km/h and encountered in exclusive interactions. Safaris at Inverdoorn become an even greater adventure as game rangers help guest search for the famous Big 5, namely: the rhino, elephant, lion, African buffalo and the illusive Cape Leopard.

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Inverdoorn Game Reserve

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