The lion is known as the king of the jungle. This is not due to any special skill or characteristic, but merely due to its ability to let others do his work for him. Lions are notoriously lazy, spending 16 – 20 hours of the day lying down. They will only be active for about six to eight hours, mainly at night and in the early mornings, and the lionesses are the ones who do the hunting. Two or three males (usually brothers) will find a territory and attract four to six females. Lions are the only social cat in the African bush and always live in groups, known as a pride.

They are not the most successful hunters in the bush, often targeting prey that is not particularly logical, such as an animal that is too far away and thus not a guaranteed kill. Their success rate is typically only between 20 – 30%. The lion will try to kill anything, no matter its size or proximity.

Inverdoorn is home to three lions, one male and two females. Robby, the male Cape Barbary lion, has a special story as he was rescued from a terrible fate as a canned lion. Canning refers to trophy hunting, which entails trapping an animal in an enclosed space and unleashing hunters upon them in order to ensure a successful hunt.