African Elephant

The African and the Indian elephant are the largest land animals, with the African being the larger of the two. In addition to their size, they can also be distinguished from each other by the shape of their ears. Remarkably, the African elephant has ears shaped like the African continent, while the Indian elephant’s are shaped like India.

Elephants are continually eating, as they only digest 40% of what they eat. They stop growing at 35 – 40 and can live for up to 70 or even 80 years of age. Their lifespan is controlled by their teeth and once they lose their teeth they cannot live.

As legend has it, an elephant never forgets…and this is entirely true! Inverdoorn is proud to be the home of two, free-roaming elephants; namely, Bully and Nduna. These two elephants grew up together. Bully is between 25 and 28 years of age and Nduna is between 10 and 12. Both were bred in captivity. Bully was a movie star and has sadly lost one of his tusks. Nduna was also fated for a future in film; until he and Bully were transferred to Inverdoorn for a happier existence in their natural home, in a much larger space.