The large and powerful Bovine/Buffalo!

The buffalo may come across as peaceful and passive at times. They are, in fact, very dangerous and unpredictable. They use their horns for fighting and these are extremely powerful and even bulletproof. Were you to shoot a buffalo’s horns, the bullet would merely ricochet.

As gregarious animals they live in herds, which can number in the thousands and in the wild they can live for up to 18 years. Extremely large animals, their front hooves are larger than their hind ones in order to support the heavy bulk of their head and neck. Males and females have horns, but the males’ tend to be bigger and are used in fights. Their natural habitat encompasses grass, shade and water as they drink regularly and prefer to stay close to water when feeding. They only mate and give birth to calves during the rainy season. His main predator is the lion and, of course, humans – having once been a popular trophy for hunters. When danger threatens, buffalos will protect their calves by pushing them into the middle of the herd.

Buffalos in captivity have been known to be susceptible to different conditions, but at Inverdoorn the  herds are healthy and happy. Allowed to roam free, the buffalo herds are flourishing at Inverdoorn.