If you are in search of Africa’s bird species. Come and experience the different birdlife at Inverdoorn. Listen to the sounds of the sky!

Meet the African Eagle, commonly known as the River eagle or Fish Eagle.

African fish eagles are familiar bird species as they take advantage of the waterways and geographical areas, noted for their distinctive and hunting methods.

Eagles perch on branches looking over water, swooping right down to catch fish, then will carry their prey back to the shore if the fish is too massive to hold.

African fish eagles additionally also eat birds, monkeys and even crocodilian hatchlings. These economical and effective predators are able to spend about ten minutes on daily active food searching.

Did you know? The African eagle is not a real eagle. However, the Haliaeetus genus is a part of the sea of eagles. This includes the American bald eagle, Eurasian white-tailed eagle and seven other species.

African eagles are kleptoparasites, which mean they steal prey from other species. Common species that fall victim to their behaviours are the goliath herons and the saddle-billed stork.

If you look at the fish eagle’s toes, they are coated in sharp like barbs. This is called spiricules. These help them to grip fish and other type of slippery prey.

Their menu is versatile as they do not only eat fish. Other types of prey would include ducks, crocodiles, terrapins, waterfowls and even flamingos.

If you visit, Namibia, Zambia or even South Sudan. The birds noticeable nature and captivating characteristics ensure that its figures prominently in the folk tales/traditional stories of various nations.