Support Wildlife conservation programmes

Do your part towards wildlife Conservation

There are various ways in which people across the world can come together and help save endangered wildlife.

Your involvement, your time and your contribution, will definitely make a difference in the life of a wild animal roaming freely on the grounds of Inverdoorn.

As a community supporting wildlife, we are capable of making a great impact on the future of endangered species, therefore urging everyone to get involved and join the world, standing together saving wildlife, through volunteering, raising awareness or donating.

Make a fundamental impact on the natural life within the wild

Conservation programs such as WCCC and Rhinoprotect at Inverdoorn aims to protect these endangered species. Your support will contribute to the future of these wildlife. The contributions received goes to workings of the initiates and to the protection of all wildlife on the reserve.

Every member in society can help raise awareness. Join Inverdoorn on the mission and help raise awareness and funds, for the future of all wildlife within the wild.

Help save endangered species and make a difference. Get involved, become a rhinoprotect soldier, spread awareness or donate today to help protect the rhinos.


Help Capecheetah protect and spread awareness about the plight of the cheetah. All donations will go directly to assist cheetah conservation work on the reserve.


How To donate?

Conservation efforts help save wildlife!

Every effort counts. Donations will go directly to the initiatives at Inverdoorn Game Reserve. This will assist all conservation work undertaken either by the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation or Rhinoprotect.

If caring about endangered species is of high importance to you but are unable to assist in volunteering. Donate today and help protect the wild. Choose which programme your donations will go to. There are two ways in which you can donate. Simply by using the secure paypal system or by bank transfer.

Details are shown below:

Bank Transfer


IBAN: FR76 3000 2400 4859 176


Thank you to all donors, who have contributed to the protection and survival of endangerd species in Africa.

baby rhino standing

A baby rhino is born at Inverdoorn

Inverdoorn Game Reserve, in Western Cape, is pleased to announce the arrival of a Southern White Rhino baby. It is the second rhino birth at Inverdoorn which boasts several conservation programs including a Rhino horn prosthetics programme that serves to curb the scourge of poaching of the rhinoceros to extinction. This welcome birth on March…