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intro-rhinoprotect-840x300  Rhino and Calf few weeks after the rhinoprotect treatment

logo-avatarSaving the rhino, one horn at a time

The rhino is one of the most amazing animals on Earth and part of South Africa's Big 5. Despite an indestructible appearance and the fact that the species has crossed millennia, the rhino is highly at risk. Rhino poaching is currently a huge problem in Africa, particularly South Africa, home to the majority of the world's rhinos. 

The fight against rhino poaching must be fought on three levels. Firstly, on the ground: fighting and trying to find solutions to protect and save the rhinos. Secondly, in court: prosecuting poachers and syndicates; and thirdly, in Asia, where the demand is concentrated, educating and dissuading people from using horn in traditional remedies and as a status symbol.

To face this desperate situation, Inverdoorn Game Reserve & Iziba Safari Lodge had to take the initiative to protect their rhinos - consequently, RhinoProtect was created. This programme is dedicated to the protection and conservation of the species.

rhinoprotect-processThe RhinoProtect Treatment

It is necessary to react in whichever way possible to protect the rhinos as much as possible. Inverdoorn made headlines with the decision to treat the horns of their rhinos. Holes were drilled into their horns and injected with a barium-laced dye. This makes the horn unfit for human consumption. It can cause vomiting or diarrhea, but poses no risk to the health of the animal.

Spread the word to save the Rhino

RhinoProtect believes that sharing the message will help to save rhinos. Through strong communication the public, including poachers and end-users, will be informed that the horns are poisoned, coloured and X-Ray detectable, thus losing their value. This measure has been taken in order to deter poachers in the future and since Inverdoorn has started to stand by this method, not one of its rhinos has been attacked.

Inverdoorn Game Reserve believes in a synergy of ideas. This is why RhinoProtect was founded: to put heads and hearts together about the rhino-poaching plague in order to open discussions in the hope of finding sustainable solutions.

It is time to TAKE ACTION!

Unfortunately, a lot of people do not know how critical the situation is for the rhino. Spreading the RhinoProtect message is essential in combatting ignorance and increasing awareness, both publically and politically.

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Newborn Rhino at Inverdoorn

Newborn Rhino at Inverdoorn

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