Volunteer at Inverdoorn
The Western Cape Cheetah Conservation Volunteer Program

Since 2001 the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation (WCCC) has been rescuing and rehabilitating cheetahs at a special facility at Inverdoorn Game Reserve and Iziba Safari Lodge.

The WCCC is at the forefront of cheetah conservation in South Africa and is a globally recognised initiative. Through dedication, passion and the expertise of leading specialists in veterinary science, conservation dynamics and predator behaviour studies, the WCCC has rescued 14 cheetahs and released two into the wild. The WCCC is a sanctuary for cheetahs as well as a centre for knowledge and research in cheetah conservation, aiming to educate the public and promote awareness for the cheetah.

Cheetah conservation is a highly specialised field, because these big cats present peculiar challenges. While human conflict and loss of habitat are some of the chief causes of decline in wild cheetah populations throughout Africa, genetic defects are an added concern. Years of interbreeding have weakened the species, leaving them susceptible to genetic diseases, often related to the skin and bones.

As a result, trained and knowledgeable caregivers ensure that the cheetahs receive the best care possible. The cheetahs benefit from a unique wildlife management programme that ensures they receive adequate amounts of physical training and psychological stimulation every day by means of nursing, feeding, long walks, running exercises and interactions with visitors.

As part of our ongoing commitment to raising awareness we invite those with experience in animal handling or those completing studies in wildlife conservation or veterinary sciences, to apply for the volunteer program at the WCCC.

Become a member of the WCCC

Volunteer for the Western Cape Cheetah Conservation

Become a trained and knowledgeable caregiver to these threatened species.

  • The brand new tented camp is just awesome. Luxury tents in the reserve, very special interactions with animals, super friendly and knowledgable rangers.

    Adine L
    Cape Town Central, South Africa
  • We did the Inverdoorn knowing that it was only a game reserve and not a safari . So we were rather apprehensive what to expect . It ended up a superb experience , we had a lovely ranger for the evening and morning drive , she was very knowledgeable and gave a superb drive and we left with some lovely…

    manchester, UK
  • Booked the Ambassador suite as part of a honeymoon package – room was out of this world and the private excursions were worth the money. Every luxury was included and the food choice was limited but excellent. Well recommended

    Royand Debbie
  • Great day trip safari” – I booked a day trip safari with this group. In total it lasted about three hours, but it was a good full three hours of adventure.

    Roanoke, Virginia
  • A fantastic alternative to the national parks” – Despite the weather conditions, the two safaris were excellent. We saw all the animals the reserve has to offer, including the one wild cheetah.

    Elaine M
    Warwick, United Kingdom
  • Fabulous Luxury Tents!”- My daughter and I stayed for one night in the new luxury tents. We were treated like royalty! There are 3 tents and they are a 10 min drive into the reserve. We were the only ones at the tents and had the whole place to ourselves!

    Sharon Magnolia
    Amherst, New Hampshire
How To Become a Volunteer

To enter into the WCCC’s volunteer program, you must be available for a period ranging from three to six months and have a solid grasp of the English language. The minmum age requirement for volunteers is 18; and as there are a limited number of places available, preference will be given to volunteers between the ages of 20 and 30 who possess experience in animal care.

Should you be accepted into the programme, there will be a two-week probationary period, upon your arrival; thereafter you will undergo an evaluation by management. During this time you will be immersed in building a relationship with a cheetah in order to gain its trust. You are carefully monitored throughout to ensure your safety and that of the animal. You will be placed with an experienced handler who will offer guidance as you accompany the cheetahs during feeds, walks, exercise routines and guest interactions. Volunteer work includes cleaning the cheetah camps, cleaning the cheetah kitchen and meat work, amongst other tasks.

Please note: in order to qualify for a volunteer position a R 3 000.00 deposit is payable. After your stay, and if you have adhered to the volunteer chart, your deposit will be refunded.


Should you be selected, the volunteer package will include the following:
Shared accommodation
Three meals a day
Uniforms and equipment
500MB data per month
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with cheetahs

Working Hours

A typical work week will consist of six days, with one day off per week and three consecutive days leave every fifth week. The day begins at 08:00AM and finishes at 05:00PM, with one hour for lunch each day.
As cheetahs are very sensitive creatures this schedule will change to accommodate their needs and is dependent on factors such as weather conditions, the cheetahs’ moods, guest interactions and exercise booked for the cheetahs.

Some Rules

1. For your safety, that of the guests and the cheetahs it is important that a volunteer is always with a handler when in contact with the cheetahs.
2. Lunch breaks will not be at regular times but depends on work priority and guests’ requests.
3. Management reserves the right to organise when your off days will fall as this is dependent on guests’ bookings.
4. No photographs or videos of the lodge or the cheetahs may be sold or published for a commercial purpose. Uploading to social networks may only be done with the permission of the lodge owner.
5. The volunteer programme is not a holiday. It entails hard work and commitment.

If you have been selected to volunteer at Inverdoorn, please be aware that other applications have been declined in favour of yours. You will soon embark on a life-changing, once-in-a-lifetime adventure – working side by side with the fastest living land animal on the planet. It is a privilege to work with these magnificent big cats and at Inverdoorn they are the heart and soul of all that we do. We expect you to bring enthusiasm, a desire to learn and a real love of nature to your work and hope you will take away many wonderful memories.