Saving The Fastest Animal On Land

The first time you see a cheetah in close proximity at Inverdoorn Game Reserve and Iziba Safari Lodge may be when the resident tame cheetahs Velvet or Iziba go on walks with their handlers around the lodge – and it is truly a magical experience. There are 14 cheetahs that have been rescued by Cape Cheetah. Many of them, such as Banzi and Nushka, have heart-warming – and heart-breaking – stories which the handlers will eagerly share with you.

Interacting with a cheetah* at Inverdoorn is an exhilarating experience. You will be filled with awe as Velvet, accompanied by her friend Iziba, slinks past your chair or brushes against your table, her content purr reverberating through your body. Inverdoorn will facilitate this intimate meeting between you and the cheetahs to delight and thrill you, but also to educate you about the plight of the cheetah.

Just two and half hours outside of Cape Town, this safari lodge and cheetah rehabilitation centre is easy to reach. Nowhere else in the region will you be able to connect with cheetahs in this way and see firsthand what goes into rehabilitating a cheetah.

Visit Cape Cheetah today! Banzi, Nushka, Joti, Shady, Velvet and young Izzie are waiting for you.

 *Cheetah interactions are subject to the right weather conditions and availability. They are NOT available in the winter season (1 May – 30 September), except with a 5-star accommodation booking. Children aged 16 and under will NOT be able to partake in cheetah interactions. Babysitting services are available if required.

The Capecheetah Team
Kayla Ramsden

Cheetah Site Head

Chantelle De Bruin


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The team at Cape cheetah all share the same passion for the cheetahs and conservation. They passionately work together to raise awareness about the plight of these majestic big cats, while committing themselves and their time to breeding and rehabilitating these species to ultimately release them into the wild.

The cheetah handlers and volunteers will share stories with guest and educate them about the threats they are facing and ways to help these species.


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